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Cast Resin Transformers

VOLTAMP’s fire resistant Cast Resin transformers are ideal for installation in high-rise buildings, hospitals, underground tunnels, school, steel factories, chemical plants and places where fire safety is a great concern.

Hazard free to the environment, cast resin transformers have over the years proven to be highly reliable.

Our Dry-type Transformer Range :

  • Range from 25kVA to 3000kVA
  • Primary voltages up to 33KV

Basic Features :

  • Free standing cast resin transformer
  • Naturally ventilated steel enclosure (IP21)
  • Bottom entry gland plates for HV & LV terminations
  • Naturally cooled (AN)
  • Tap changer (Manual links)
  • Rating plate
  • Lifting points
  • Earthing point
  • Compliant to IEC 726

Optional Features :

  • Bi-directional rollers
  • Ventilated enclosure with higher IP rating
  • Forced air cooling increasing output by up to 40%.
  • Top entry gland plates
  • Busbar trunking
  • Enclosure mounted HV & LV cable boxes
  • Flanged enclosure for direct mounting of Low voltage & Medium voltage switchgear
  • Cooling systems for polluted environments
  • Temperature relays
  • Marshalling box
  • Special paint treatments
  • Close coupled indoor/outdoor low voltage circuit breaker cabinets up to 4000 Amps
  • Close coupled indoor/outdoor medium voltage ring main units(Rn2c-T1 or T2) or switches sf6,vacuum etc

Oil (liquid) filled Power & Distribution transformers up to 10,000kVA

Voltamp Electricals Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as a major supplier of high quality power and distribution transformers to both India and the overseas markets. We provide the highest level of technical support and pride ourselves on delivering quality products with exceptionally short lead times.

All our Transformers undergo a rigorous test and inspection procedure and are in accordance with relevant Indian or International standards applicable to electrical power and distribution transformers such as ISS & IEC.

As an independent company, we have dedicated our people, technology, financial resources and manufacturing expertise to add value to our customers’ needs. In addition to having extended our product line, we have also developed a technological, administrative and marketing infrastructure that is comparable with some of the finest manufacturers of similar products worldwide. VOLTAMP is uniquely focused on becoming one of the most valued global providers of power & distribution products for utilities and industry.