Mr. M. A. Shah

B.E., M.E. (Elec & Mech), CEng. (UK)

A Chief Design Engineer for Howrah Electric Co. Ltd. In 1958, he was a visionary entrepreneur, an avowed nationalist and a committed philanthropist who founded VOLTAMP Electric Corporation as a partnership firm in 1960 which was then converted to a private limited company in 1966.

Sri M. A. Shah founded and established Gujarat Transformers (Vadodara); MP Transformers (Indore) and VOLTAMP Electricals Pvt. Ltd. (Calcutta).

Through his Vision, skills, extensive knowledge and perseverance, M. A. Shah built the stepping stone into building the VOLTAMP® Brand across India.


Mr. Ashish M. Shah

B.E., M.S. (USA)

An exceptional mind who shouldered the growth and technological advances of the VOLTAMP Brand of Products.

Mr. A. M. Shah has guided the VOLTAMP family as it faced a host of challenges in a fast-changing business environment where old rules did not apply and new realities are taking hold.

Mr. A. M. Shah today leads the company with wisdom, foresight and a rare grace that touches everyone he meets.


Mr. Jubin A. Shah

B.Eng. Electrical (Power)(UK)

A bright, promising and intelligent individual with a vision to take the VOLTAMP® Brand to new heights using his knowledge and experience of the UK and bringing new innovation to the business.

Faced with a challenging task of bringing the company technologically up-to-date, Jubin shows great potential to innovate, develop and mould the future of VOLTAMP.