About Our Company

VOLTAMP® Electricals Private Limited is a well known brand of Distribution & Power Transformers. We have successfully manufactured and supplied Oil Filled Transformer, Resin Cast and V.P.I. Type Transformers along with AVR & HT Isolators across India and abroad. VOLTAMP® is the only manufacturing unit in Eastern India with Cast Resin Type, Distribution Transformer production capability.


The company was established as a partnership firm in the year 1960 as VOLTAMP® Electric Corporation and later in year 1966, converted to private limited and name changed to VOLTAMP® Electricals Private Limited. The company pioneers to adopt the word VOLTAMP® and has duly registered trade mark with Government of India (Registration No. 465830 Dated 9.1.87). During the tenure of manufacturing activity since 1960, the company has made rapid strides and is to-day acknowledged as one of the leading and most reliable manufacturers of “VOLTAMP®” brand transformers in the country. The Company is duly registered with: Director of Industries, Government of West Bengal, India. Joint Chief Controller of Import & Export, Govt. of India, Federation of Small & Medium Industry, Kolkata.

The Brand

A Brand Leader In The Indian Sub-Continent, The Company Pioneers In Adopting The Word VOLTAMP® And Duly Registering Trade Mark With The Govt. Of India In 1987.

With A Strong Belief That The Growth Of The Cuatomer Is Pre-Requisite To The Growth Of The Company Since 1960, VOLTAMP® Has Risen As One Of The Leading And Most Reliable Manufacturers Of Transformers In The Country. In addition to having extended our product line, we have also developed a technological, administrative and marketing infrastructure that is comparable with some of the finest manufacturers of similar products worldwide.

Company Promise

VOLTAMP® Derives Its Strength From Its Customers. Having over 50 Years of experience in providing energy efficient, cost effective and a sustainable power distribution solution, we ensure our customers receive an unparalleled after sales service from us. Keeping our customers’ best interest at heart, honesty, Reliability, performance and deliverance have always been and will always be our foremost priority.

Our team

VOLTAMP® is first and foremost a transformer manufacture, but our success lies in our outstanding team. As we continue to grow, we have attracted talent across all verticals. Today, our team compromise of the well learnt, intellegent and energetic professionals who are working across the entire value chain and performed exceptionally well.  We have dedicated our people, technology, financial resources and manufacturing expertise to add value to our customers’ needs. 

B.E., M.E. (Elec & Mech), CEng. (UK)

A Chief Design Engineer For Howrah Electric Co. Ltd. In 1958, He Was A Visionary Entrepreneur, An Avowed Nationalist And A Committed Philanthropist Who Founded VOLTAMP Electric Corporation As A Partnership Firm In 1960 Which Was Then Converted To A Private Limited Company In 1966.

Sri M. A. Shah Founded And Established Gujarat Transformers (Vadodara); MP Transformers (Indore) And VOLTAMP Electricals Pvt. Ltd. (Calcutta).

Through His Vision, Skills, Extensive Knowledge And Perseverance, M. A. Shah Built The Stepping Stone Into Building The VOLTAMP® Brand Across India.

Mr. M. A. Shah
B.E., M.S. (USA)

An Exceptional Mind Who Shouldered The Growth And Technological Advances Of The VOLTAMP Brand Of Products.

Mr. A. M. Shah Has Guided The VOLTAMP Family As It Faced A Host Of Challenges In A Fast-Changing Business Environment Where Old Rules Did Not Apply And New Realities Are Taking Hold.

Mr. A. M. Shah Today Leads The Company With Wisdom, Foresight And A Rare Grace That Touches Everyone He Meets.

Mr. Ashish M. Shah
B.Eng. Electrical (Power)(UK)

A Bright, Promising And Intelligent Individual With A Vision To Take The VOLTAMP® Brand To New Heights Using His Knowledge And Experience Of The UK And Bringing New Innovation To The Business.

Faced With A Challenging Task Of Bringing The Company Technologically Up-To-Date, Jubin Shows Great Potential To Innovate, Develop And Mould The Future Of VOLTAMP.

Mr. Jubin A. Shah