Design Processes

Every Transformer Is Designed Using CAD Software, In Both 2D & 3D To Ensure Correct Fittings Of All Accessories. The Blueprints Are Then Used In The Manufacturing Of The Product. The 3D Models Are Also Used For The Electromagnetic And Electrostatic Distribution To Finalize The Winding, Insulation And Core Clamping Structure, Thus Ensuring That Quality Standards Are Used Throughout The Manufacturing Process.

  • Requirement Analysis Procurement
  • Design Approval
  • Build Test


Voltamp operates a quality management system approved by ISO 9001:2015.  The whole quality system is under constant review and audited periodically. Rigorous inspection and testing is carried out with check sheets and procedures to check the conformity with the design and specifications at important process levels such as winding, coil pressing, handling core, coil assembly, drying, tanking etc. All these, to ensure that the work is carried out at each stage, match the customer requirement and satisfaction. Our transformer comply relevant Indian or International standards applicable with electrical power and distribution transformers such as ISS & IEC. VOLTAMP® is uniquely focused on becoming one of the most valued global providers of power & distribution products for utilities and industry.

The raw materials are procured from approved sources only and are subject to rigorous quality checks as per the BSI Standard and Voltamp practices. Inspection and test reports are recorded and regularly scrutinized to maintain the consistency in the critical areas.

  • Core Lamination: Imported from Japan, France, USA & Germany of Grade 23MOH & Grade ZDKH85 with thickness 0.23mm – 0.27mm.
  • Copper (CU): 99.9% electrolytic pure copper purchased from Hindustan Copper Ltd. and has insulation of double paper cover or super enameled or Nomex.
  • Transformer Oil: Best quality of transformer oil available in the country is used. Oil is procured in bulk quantity from: Apar Industries Ltd. – Power Oil brand Gulf Oil India Ltd. – Gulf Brand.
  • Insulation: Best quality of insulation is used in the transformer for long life. Reputed insulation suppliers are: Permali Wallace Ltd., Bhopal – Senapathy Whitely Ltd., Bangaluru – Bakellite Hylam Ltd., Hyderabad – Raman Boards Ltd., Mysore.
  • Varnish: Copper coils are vacuum impregnated with best available varnish of Dr. Beck’s brand for oil-immersed transformer and silicon varnish of DUpont, U.S.A. for dry type transformer.
  • Porcelain brushing: Best quality/tested ceramic porcelain brushings are used for terminals on transformer, supplied by Techno Ceramic India Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata.
  • Paint: Our Transformers are painted using the best quality paint from Berger India Ltd. This ensures longevity of the product.